Patricia SiasMedical Doctor, Fellow of the American College of Physicians

    With KCHC since January 2018

    Specializes in:  Internal Medicine

    Brief description of your professional expertise / experience / reason for choosing your field:

    I am an Internal Medicine physician who cares for people. I believe that the doctor-patient relationship is a partnership where the patient honestly presents their needs and enters into an agreement to work with the doctor in an effort to provide healing.

    Why did you choose to work for Kenosha Community Health Center, Inc.

    The underserved people of the Kenosha area deserve every opportunity to receive good care and I am honored to be allowed to participate in their care.

    Education Background

    Psychology, MS. Psychobiology, MA. Biology, MD. Medicine

    Board Certifications/Awards/Nominations

    Purdue Fellowship, Bristol-Myers Research Fellowship, Fellow American College of Physicians

    Clinical Interests

    Geriatrics and Woman’s Health  

    Practice Locations:

    22nd Ave

    Accepting New Patients: Yes

    Kim DoanAntoinette Green